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New Volvo XC40 Inventory in Fort Wayne

The new Volvo XC40 is a compact SUV with everything you can want in a car. It is attractive and loaded with features that make driving more enjoyable. Whether you need a car for work or want to take your friends on a road vacation around Huntington, IN, the Volvo XC40 is an outstanding option.

You will find the new Volvo XC40 at Tom Kelly Volvo Cars. The new XC40 vehicle is available in the following trim levels.

  • Volvo XC40 Core
  • Volvo XC40 Plus
  • Volvo XC40 Ultimate

Why You Should Purchase a New Volvo XC40

The XC40 mild hybrids can recapture and store the energy produced while braking in a 48V battery. When a car uses the stored energy, there is a reduction in fuel consumption and the emissions produced by tailpipes. Owning the XC40 will provide you access to a mild hybrid with smooth takeoffs and controlled acceleration, keeping both city & highway trips more comfortable.

You can now accelerate faster from New Haven, IN, with the XC40's strong engines. The engines available to XC40 Volvo drivers have been modified for the new version. There are two engine options: the B4 & B5 powertrains. For a reported 194 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque, the B4 setup combines a battery-and-motor system with a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine compared to B5's 247 horsepower.

The XC40 SUV's interior quickly develops a second-home-like feeling thanks to its emphasis on comfort, quality of materials, and versatility. You'll find creative storage options for water bottles, gym bags, smartphones, laptops, and even hooks to hold grocery bags or takeout meals inside.

You can use the vehicle's flexible cargo options. You may customize the roomy XC40 SUV's backload area to meet your demands. Make the ground into a seamless cargo divider or grocery bag holder. Additionally, the car's roof is panoramic. A panoramic roof allows light to pour in, giving the cabin a natural, roomy feeling, whether in a city or on an open highway.

Considering safety and technology, the XC40 SUV could be your best option thanks to its cutting-edge audio, comfort, and safety features. Real-time traffic updates and intelligent rerouting make it easier to get where you're going with the XC40 mild hybrids' seamless integration of Google Maps. For hands-free assistance, use Google in your XC40 mild hybrid. Say "Hey Google" to begin, and you can quickly find directions, take in some entertainment, and connect with friends, family, and coworkers.

Embrace seamless control. Supportive driver-aid technology can help you preserve a safe distance from the vehicles in front of you by adjusting your speed and subtly adjusting your steering. Parking the CX40 is never a problem. Technology can help you park safely even in limited situations, thanks to four cameras that provide a 360° view.

A cross-traffic alert with an auto brake assists the driver when reversing with a limited view. The technology can detect vehicles approaching from behind and, if necessary, apply the auto brake. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with a blind spot information system (BLIS), which provides active assistance when changing lanes. If there is a chance of a collision with another vehicle in the next lane, BLIS can modify steering gently to keep you, your car, and your dear ones exactly where you want to be.

Why People Prefer to Shop with Tom Kelly Volvo Cars

Our new vehicles are trusted by many drivers around Auburn, IN. We stock new vehicles from original manufacturers. Our team of experts ensures that vehicles are in good condition before releasing them to customers. Customers can utilize our website to search for available vehicles at our dealership.

Our team is excited about the redesigned Volvo XC40. We want to advise everybody in Columbia City, IN, looking for a new SUV to consider the XC40. We invite you to schedule a test drive at Tom Kelly Volvo Cars. We will help you choose the best trim level for your requirements.