What You Can Expect from the Volvo XC60 Luxury SUV

If you're looking for a luxury car, then the new Volvo XC60 might be the right model for you. The Volvo sales agents at Tom Kelley Volvo Cars consider the new XC60 one of the defining luxury SUV models available in the greater Fort Wayne area. There aren't many models on the streets of New Haven, IN that you could compare it to, and that says something. The following are a few reasons we think you should go for the XC60 if you are in the market for a luxury SUV.

Performance That Makes You Feel in Control

When shopping for a new vehicle, it is important to talk about performance, and it all starts with the vehicle's engine. The power inside the 2.0L V4 engine of the XC60 is impressive, and it is the kind of power that can get you anywhere in Columbia City with ease. You get up to 250 horsepower in the Volvo XC60, and that is pretty good for a luxury vehicle of its size. It should also be pointed out that the engine also gives you up to 28 miles per hour. That is a great engine, and you can get it all with the XC60.

Technology Tucked Inside the Volvo

The technology in the Volvo XC60 is also pretty impressive. You've got a lot features you probably already expect, like a USB connection, but there are other features you may not have expected, like software to make the connection between a smart device and your vehicle seamless. The infotainment screen of the Volvo XC60 is intuitive. It was designed to be simple and to react to your touch, even when you are wearing gloves during our chilly Auburn, IN winters. The use of buttons was kept at a minimum and the system can even respond to voice commands. Bowers & Wilkins provides the vehicle's sound experience, and you really are going to be in for a surprise because the quality is quite impressive.


Key Benefits Linked to the XC60

We also think you are going to love the XC60 vehicle's benefits, like its build. Volvo is one of the few automakers that knows how to make a vehicle that lasts. Many of their models, including the luxurious XC60, can last for years as long as you care for it as the manual suggests. Of course, it also helps that you continue to bring it in to the dealership where trained Volvo-certified technician can ensure that it continues to work as it should n the streets of Huntington, IN. Having technicians that know your vehicle is one of the benefits of owning an XC60, but you'll also like the Volvo club. There is a large number of people out there who love Volvo and are willing to pay a good amount of money for a used one. The likelihood of a Volvo retaining its value is high, and that is just another benefit of owning the XC60.

Who's Going to Love the Volvo XC60 in Fort Wayne?

The XC60 is virtually for everyone. It has enough room for a growing family, but it also has all the accessories you need for going camping. You are getting a vehicle that can handle off-road experiences, so you can go off-road or explore beyond this city. You are going to love how it handles, so those who do a lot of driving in the city are going to enjoy the ease of use and how fun it is to drive the XC60. Families will appreciate the spacious cabin and everyday versatility. The Volvo XC60 is for everyone.

Trim Levels to Personalize the XC60

There are four trims in the XC60 that allow you to personalize your vehicle a little more. The four trims are the Momentum, R-Design, Inscription, and the Polestar Engineered. Each trim has its specialty. The Polestar Engineered comes with a superior suspension that should allow you to feel one of the smoothest driving experiences ever. The R-Design is a sportier vehicle that drives like a racing vehicle, thanks to the advanced springs, which gives you a pretty responsive vehicle.

Test Drive the New XC60 Today and Discover Additional Features

Hopefully, some of these features tell you why the XC60 is a good option for Fort Wayne motorists. Come to our Volvo showroom in Ft. Wayne, IN to find out more about this luxury Volvo vehicle today.

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