New Volvo Cars & SUVs for Sale/Lease in Fort Wayne, IN

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New Volvo Inventory in Fort Wayne

Volvo has numerous models to choose from. These models are available as either gasoline, hybrid, or electric cars. These vehicles are renowned for their top-tier luxury, safety, and design. The new models in our inventory are built for power while ensuring a commendable economy, making them ideal daily companions for those in Huntington, IN. Read on to explore these models and the unique Swedish experience they offer.

Volvo XC90

The XC90 stays true to the brand's design, with its unique Volvo grille and headlamp design for the front fascia. The vehicle's interior reflects luxury, as seen with its crystal-clear gear knob and upscale upholstery material. The spacious cabin on this SUV is designed to seat seven individuals comfortably. The XC90 is available with three powertrain options. These setups are based on the 2.0L turbo four engine (T5), producing 250 horsepower. The T6 runs a similar engine with an additional supercharger for 316 horsepower. Enthusiasts may also consider the T8, powered by the standard turbo engine and two electric motors.

Volvo XC60

The XC60 is identifiable in Auburn, IN, by its Volvo headlamp, grille, and LED rear lamp design. This SUV can comfortably seat five passengers and is available in nine color options. The chassis and suspension are tailored for unmatched handling. An assisted safety feature increases the vehicle's viability. This SUV is available with three powertrain options to consider. A turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder engine, complemented by a hybrid setup, puts out 247 horsepower on the B5 powertrain. The B6 powertrain features an additional supercharger on the standard turbocharged engine. The T8 powertrain features electric motors added to the B6 engine, putting out 445 horsepower. This SUV guarantees commendable performance coupled with comfort.

Volvo XC40

The XC40's design is both functional and aesthetic. There are a lot of functional storage solutions on board that fit into the vehicle's design without making it cluttered. The interior features premium material for its upholstery and a sunroof. This SUV has a seating capacity of 5 and a cargo capacity of 57.5 cubic feet. The XC40 may either sport Volvo's T4 or T5 powertrain. This build allows for a towing capacity of up to 3,500 pounds through Columbia City, IN. This SUV has commendable safety features, including a Pilot Assist semi-autonomous driving mode and other driving assist features from high-end models.

Volvo S90

The S90 is a Swedish luxury sedan with impeccable ride quality and design. The cabin is quiet and comfortable, complementing the smooth ride from its powertrain. For 2022, the S90 adopts the B6 powertrain as its standard powertrain. Enthusiasts may also consider models with the T8 powertrain and its 445 horsepower. Like other Volvo models, the interior features a minimalist but luxurious design. This is seen in the crystal-clear gear knob design and upholstery. The exterior sports the Volvo grille and fascia, with LED rear lamps to complement its stunning looks. This SUV comfortably seats five and is ideal for daily commutes in New Haven, IN.

Volvo S60

This Sedan comes with a standard turbocharged four-cylinder engine putting out 247horsepower. Higher-level trims feature more power given their powertrain setup. The S60 stays true to Volvo's approach and takes on a relaxed driving experience, contrary to many competitors in its class. It sports the usual Volvo grille and front facia aesthetics, ensuring its attractive looks. The S60 has comfortable seating for 5. The interior is made of contemporary material with a dash of Swedish style.

The new Volvo inventory offers a lot of utility. The thoughtfulness put into these vehicles is evident in their build and design. Fuel economy reduced emissions, and refined mobility is key features for 2022. Feel free to visit Tom Kelly Volvo Cars for a test drive and to experience what these vehicles offer.

*Please Note: Additional charges for taxes, title, registration, license plates, and a standard Document Preparation Fee of $199, will be added to the purchase price.